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Engineering Services

At L & B Building Supply and from work we recognize that each project has unique challenges. our engineers are available to discuss your project's special requirements & deliver custom solution that take advantage of our knowledge; product line and custom manufacturing capabilities.

Layout CAD Drawings & Engineering Calculation

We provide Shoring, Scaffolding and re-shoring layout CAD drawings with Engineer's approval and all necessary design, calculations and structural analysis using advanced computer program. We deals in all Industrial products, Frames, frame Accessories, Shoring, Aluminum Beam, Shoring Accessories, Post Shores, Plank wood / Steel / Aluminum, Tube & Clamp, Putlogs & Accessories, Chutes, Multifunctional Scaffold, Bridge, Stairways & Ladders.

One of our mandates is to work with our client to develop new products and techniques, to help the tackle even the most difficult of jobs, allowing the contractor to work faster and save money. the objective is to enable our clients to take full advantage of new developments to improve both construction efficiency and quality on the job site. At the same time, it is important that potential problems be identified, prior to the start of construction of a multi-million job.

Equipment estimation

We also provide equipment estimation services for your bidding and tendering processes. call our Engineers to talk about the special requirements of your next job. At L & B Building Supply we recognize that each project has its unique challenge let us help you "build" a solution.



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